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Eva Fahlstrom Berg, MD (sweden)

Senior psychotherapist (individual, child, family, group and community). international supervisor and teacher of psychotherapy, psychodrama, restorative practices and social transformations. chairing of the trauma and disaster intervention team (tdit) in the international association for group psychotherapy and group processes (iagp).

Gregorio Armananzas Ros, M.D. (Spain)

Psychiatrist,psychodramatist, group analyst and organizational consultant.Goya lives in pamplona (spain). He works in individual and group psychotherapy. He has two training programs in psychodrama and group analysis. He has written a professional book, “relaciones tóxicas” (toxic relationships) and two novels: “el atrapasueños” (the dream catcher) and “fantasmas de…


Greg Crosby , MA, LPC, CGP (USA)

Former is a practicing therapist, trainer, teacher, and consultant. He was the clinical regional coordinator of group therapy at Kaiser Permanente in Oregon and Washington for over 25 years. Fellow in the American Group Psychotherapy Association. Greg serves on the Board of International Certified Group Psychotherapists and also on the Human Science Faculty and Art Therapy Graduate Program at Marylhurst University. Since 2004 he has served on the faculty at Portland State University in the Certificate Program of Interpersonal Neurobiology and also teaches group therapy courses in the Human Services Program.

He matches group models from a wide variety of modalities including psycho dynamic, interpersonal, social skills, CBT , DBT, psycho educational to client’s needs, educational levels and learning styles. His work has included implementing groups for private practice, early childhood programs, schools, colleges, managed care, prisons, residential treatment, community mental health and retirement centers.

Ivan Urlic, MD, PHD (Croatia)

Past secretary of interanational association of group psychotherapy (iagp). professor of psychiatry and psychological medicine at the medical school, university of split, croatia. neuro-psychiatrist, psychoanalytic psycho-therapist and group analyst. supervisor, training group analyst, and founder member of iga zagreb and iga bologna. former chair person of egatin, and board member…

Jorge Burmeister, MD, PHD (Germany-Spain)

Psychiatrist, psychotherapist, lecturer in universities of valencia, almeria, granada, brazilia, bogota, mexico, santiago, zurich and innsbruck (integrative psychotherapy). international trainer & supervisor of classic psychodrama, cbt and hypnotherapy. past president of international association for group psychotherapy and group processes (iagp).


Kate Bradshaw Tauvon MA, GA Dip, TEP (Sweden)

President president@iagp.com 

LeandraPerrotta, PHD (Italy)

Psychologist,jungian psychodramatist and dance therapist. professor at the università della valle d’aosta. president of the federation of european psychodrama training organiztions, fepto.


Marcia Karp, M.A. T.E.P.,UkCP (UK)

Group and individual psychotherapist.trainer, educator, practitioner in psychodrama and writer. She is a trainer, educator and practitioner of psychodrama (t.e.p.) and was awarded a diploma by the american board of examiners in psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy. Marcia is currently involved with ongoing training programs in moscow, kiev, geneva, athens…

Maria Van Noort, PSYD (Netherlands)

Psyd in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and couples-therapy. Member, supervisor, teacher and training analyst for nvgp (dutch association group psychotherapy and group dynamics). Former board member, iagp. former board member of iagp and former chair of transcultural section. co chair precongress of iagp congress 2015 in rovinj.

Maurizio Gasseau, PHD (Italy)

Professor of dynamic psychology, university of valle d’aosta, Italy. Group psychotherapist, psychodramatist. Past chair of psychodrama section of interanational association of group psychotherapy (iagp).

Zoe Voyatzaki, MA (Greece)

Member of iga (athens). former chair of the european group analytic training institutions network (egatin). Clinical psychologist, group analyst and family therapist. Founding member of the institute of group analysis (athens) and of the open psychotherapy centre, athens.