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صفحة المؤتمر الرئيسية 2018

Preconference Workshops 10th January 2018

Conference 11th-13th January 2018

Conference Topics :

  • Group Processes and Dynamics.
  • Psychodrama.
  • Group Analysis.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy and Process.
  • Group Therapy for Children.
  • Group Therapy and Process for Adolescents.
  • Couples and Family Therapy.
  • Creative Arts Therapies.
  • Mindfulness – based Groups.
  • Integrative Group Therapy.
  • Working with Dreams in Groups.
  • Support Groups.
  • Group Therapy for Patients with Substance Abuse.
  • Group Therapy for Psychic Trauma.
  • Organizational Consultancy.
  • Group Processes in Non- therapeutic Settings.
  • Transcultural issues in Groups.
  • Distance Learning & Group Therapy/ Process.
  • Other Topics of Professional Interest.
  • Art of integrating drugs into group psychotherapy.
  • Group processes and young people.
  • The integrative Use of Antidepressants and Mood Stabilizers and Group Therapy.
  • Antipsychotics and Group Psychotherapy.

Conference Official Languages

  • Arabic
  • English

translation in French and other languages is available upon request

Deadline for Abstract Submission: 31 st August  2017